Top 10 Microsoft Office Tips for Kids and Adults

Microsoft Office 2010 is easiest version of Office to use so far but you can make things even easier for your kids by learning some shortcuts, tricks and tip. Here are our Top 10 Microsoft Office Tips for kids, helping them get the most out of the office suite without trying too hard.


Look up any word

Highlight any word in MS Word 2010 and hit SHIFT+F7 to bring up a ‘research’ side panel with a thesaurus search for that word. By clicking the drop-down list at the top of the panel you can select other research sources like the Encarta encyclopedia or perform a Bing search on the word instead.


Quick close

CTRL+W will quickly close any open document, pausing to ask you to save changes first if necessary.


Fix a CAPSLOCK fail

If you tend to type while looking at the keys rather than at the screen then an accidentally tapped CAPSLOCK key can prove very frustrating. IT IS NO FUN RE-TYPING ENTIRE SENTENCES LIKE THIS. Luckily you don’t have to – if you highlight some text and do CTRL+SHIFT+A you can swap the case instantly.


Rewind that back

CTRL-Z is your all purpose Undo shortcut, skipping you back through every change you have made since your last save. To re-do something, use CTRL+Y.


Insert a screenshot

If you are writing about something on screen, like a website or other app, Word will now let you insert screen grabs with just a mouse click or two. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon, then click the Screenshot button to bring up a thumbnail list of open windows. Click the one you want and it will be popped straight into your document. If you just want an area of the screen, click ‘Screen clipping’ and you can select what you need.


Embed YouTube video in Powerpoint

Embedding video in Powerpoint used to be a pain, but you can now stick a YouTube clip right in a Powerpoint slide. Just grab the embed code from the vdeo’s YouTube page (click the ‘Embed’ button underneath the video to get it and copy that to the ckipboard. In Powerpoint, click the Insert tab, then Video and select ‘Video from web site..’ Paste the embed code in and the video will appear.


Make your own shortcuts

Right-click the Ribbon and select Customize Ribbon to bring up the Options window. Click Keyboard Shortcuts to bring up a list of Tabs (Insert, Page Layout, etc.) and their commands. Pick a command and then enter the key combination you want to associate with it.


Lock your docs

Got a document or spreadsheet you want to keep locked away from prying eyes, or just one that you don’t want changed? In the Save As.. dialog box click the Tools button, then General Options to bring up a window where you can set passwords to either stop people opening or editing your file.


Quick sample text

If you want to quickly fill a page with nonsense text to see how a document will look, just type either =rand() or =lorem() and hit ENTER and three paragraphs worth will instantly appear in your document.


Play Ribbon Hero!

Ribbon Hero is a game (from MS Office Labs) you can install and run within MS Office 2010 that aims to teach you more about using the Office suite. It awards points for doing things in MS Office apps and can set you challenges so you quickly get to know the fastest ways to use Office 2010.  To download and to learn more information about Ribbon Hero view this link







(You must have Microsoft Word on your computer to use these tips !!)

1. Open Word then SAVE the file with a name you can find again.

2. Save every 5 minutes to avoid losing your work.

3. Fonts = Text Styles. Choose your Fonts and your Font Size from the FORMATTING TOOLBAR.

4. If you make a major error while working on your document, click the X to close the file, and NO when prompted if you want to save any changes. This will make the document revert back to what it was when you last saved it, and will undo your error.

5. NUMBERING, BULLETS (Found on the Formatting Toolbar.)

6. COLUMNS (Found on the Standard Toolbar.)

7. TEXT ALIGNMENT, BOLD, ITALICS AND UNDERLINE. (Found on the Formatting Toolbar.)

8. Use FILE > PAGE SETUP to change margins.

9. Use FILE > PAGE SETUP > PAPER SIZE to choose Portrait or Landscape, and to select paper size (Letter or Legal).

10. Add WORD ART from the Drawing Toolbar, or use INSERT > PICTURE > WORDART.

11. Use INSERT > PICTURE > CLIPART to add clipart to your document.

12. Right-Click a picture or clipart to FORMAT the image.

13. Use FORMAT > DROP CAP to dress up your Document.

14. Use KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS to save time.

15. Ctrl + C = Copy, Ctrl + V = Paste, Ctrl + Z = Undo


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