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Website Maintenance: Added New Projects for 2017 on Voyage of the Mimi Elementary Themes and Projects Page (Updated June 28, 2015 had taken off several links not working and some links still not working).  I am suggesting using for themes (grades 1-8). Online Computer Tutorials and Technology 411 Created by Mr. Shamblin (Updated January, 2018) Created by Mr. Shamblin (Updated January, 2018) (Easter Egg Hunt for elementary grades, Created by Mr. Shamblin (Updated January, 2018) Reading Resources Page all Links are in working condition to access sites (Updated January 16, 2018)



2013 - 2018 UPDATES (New Links etc.)

Click on the Snapple Real Facts to read some REAL FACTS!

Check out: 100 Picture Books Everyone Should Know by Kimberly P. Code, Ph.D. The Complete Guide to Protecting Your Child's Safety Online in 2018

Just added to the Rules that all classes will follow page!  This is being used in 90 percent K-8 schools in the United States!  You can now access the tools section on your pc for your students!

Check out Common Sense Education,  and find an ed tech tool~~

Just added recommended Bullying Books to the Reading Resources Page  

New passwords to various databases/websites were updated to the Reading Resources Page! The jargon-free guide to computer and internet security A Guide to Protecting Children's Privacy Online Learn about and collect art from leading galleries, fairs, and museums Faith Ringgold

Some Home Backyard Science Experiments

Students Guide to Computer Science and IT How to Protect Your Children on Their Smartphone

100 Best Places to Visit

Term Papers Online 99+ Sites for Your Free Paper by Ruth Kinloch 8 Tips for Protecting Children and Teens Online A Security Guide for Parents, Caregivers

Lesson Plans for Military Kids
Practical Money Skills for Special Needs Kids
How to Teach Kids about Contract and Rule of Law
Real Estate, Math, and Financial Literacy for K-12
Classroom in the Kitchen Lesson Plans
Smithsonian Lesson Plans
Teaching Kids Organizational Skills
Math Lesson Plans for Shopping

Forever Curious Curating the Best Educational Resources on the Web A Ninja's Quest to Save Energy English as a Second Language Learning Materials: Free and Handy! The Kids TV Activity Guide

Resources to Teach About Recycling

Aluminum Can Recycling information and lessons for elementary and secondary

Battery Recycling

Close the Loop from CA for K-6 grades to review what can be recycled at home or at other location, what should be reused or proper disposal. 

Early education worksheets currently being designed and will be posted by March on

EPA recycling stats and information

Guide to School Recycling and activities, 1 – 5 grades

Learn about glass

Mission Recycling Newsletter for 3 and 4 grades 

Preschool Recycling Lesson Plans from Indiana

Recycle Often. Recycle Right resources, K-5 grades

Start Recycling Today Lesson Plan Ages - ReCommunity, 6-12 grades

Steel Cycles: A Full-Circle Educational Program, pre-K-12 grades

Windows on Waste, 4-6 grades – has compost unit too. 

Windows on Waste for SmartBoard.  Download from

Note - Resources are from around the country where they may take more or less materials for recycling. 


Resources to Teach About Composting

CSI: Compost Science Investigation for K-3 grades

Composting for Better Soil 4-5 grades

Composting Lessons 4-6 grades

Composting In Schools

Composting In The Classroom:  Scientific Inquiry for High School Students

Do the Rot Thing: A Teacher's Guide to Compost Activities

The US Composting Council

NOVA LABS Math Tools Cyber Bullying The Complete Resource Guide! Caught in the Middle: A Cyberbullying Tale

Check out the links to Dads Worksheets below and the homepage by clicking on this link:

Free Printable Math Worksheets
Multiplication Times Table
Colored Multiplication Chart
Online Fractions Calculator
Online Percentage Calculator
Prime Factorization Calculator
Factoring Calculator
Online Timer
Online Age Calculator Be Elite Basketball Mr. Marlow's 5th Grade Math and Science Page (click Math tab) The NEW Periodic Table Song PHET Interactive Simulations Elementary School PHET Interactive Simulations Middle School Dictionaries and thesauri websites Encyclopedia Websites Almanac Websites Reference Directory Math Resources Protecting Children's Privacy A Guide for Parents, Careers and Educators

Resources for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder etc.

Autism Resources for Families
Sesame Street Autism Resources for Parents
Reduce the Noise: Help Loved Ones with Sensory Overload Enjoy Shopping
CDC Autism Links and Resources
Operation Autism for Military Families
Moving with Special Needs Kids
Academic Accommodation Resources
Home Modifications for Autistic Kids
Temple Grandin's Teaching Tips
Estate Planning for Parents of Kids with Autism

Check out Vale Middle School Articles of the Week, TENMARKS, and I uploaded a document on How to create a Google Docs QR Code  I also added 2 links that I found on QR codes and  These sites were added to the Pre K-8 Links Page 2 and the Online Computer Tutorials and Techology 411 page!

Check out How to set up a site using WordPress and How to make a blog!

Check out Google for Education! The official source for information about Google's education-related efforts.


Scratch Guides and Workbooks

Other Technology Projects (found online etc. and used in experiences) I added some new fun game links in which you can play old MS-DOS (Oregon Trail), Nintendo or Atari Classics, click under the Family Games heading! Use Puffin free browser for Apple Ipad, Iphone, to play Oregon Trail and some games will not work with Ipad with Puffin because they need the F1 or F2 keys and they will work fine with a personal computer with flash!

I updated my rules page with some new rules that you can use in your elementary classroom.

New links added to the Elementary Themes and Projects Page (Now including Parent Math Resources at the bottom of the page) Common Core Math Standards with links to resources that support them. Here is the home page to Math is Fun 

Kindergarten Parent Guide

1st Grade Math Parent Guide

2nd Grade Math Parent Guide

3rd Grade Math Parent Guide

4th Grade Math Parent Guide

5th Grade Math Parent Guide

6th Grade Math Parent Guide

7th Grade Math Parent Guide

8th Grade Math Parent Guide


New links added to the Reading Resources Page

Username and Password on Reading Resources Page! Best Books for Grades 6-8 HARPERCOLLINS CHILDREN'S COMMON CORE Scholastic Common Sense for Common Core (click on Book List) Popular 6th - 8th Grade Books Book List by Ages Read Aloud America



Gifted Education Portfolio now viewable as a separate web page

New links added to the Gifted Education Portfolio and I added the same links to Pre K-8 Page 2! 

On the Reading Resources Page I added Resources from Britannica, EBSCO, and Scholastic (Grolier) and also Resources from Worldbook and much more! You can get the passwords to access the databases on there.

 New Tumble Book Reading Links Added to the Reading Resources and the Pre K - 8 Links Page 2!

Tumble Books is a collection of animated, talking picture books with fiction, non-fiction and foreign-language (French & Spanish) titles; Read-Alongs (chapter books with sentence highlighting and narration but no animation); eBooks and audiobooks, which may be viewed online or downloaded for 90 days; Tumble Puzzles and Games; and Tumble Resources.

Tumble Book Cloud Junior is a collection of read-along, online titles in categories such as Early Readers, Chapter Books, Teen Fiction, Classics & Drama/Poetry. The collection also includes downloadable eBooks which may be downloaded for 90 days. Download as many titles as you would like at one time! You can have them narrated aloud, turn the page automatically and you can even customize your screen for font size, text and screen color. Read-alongs are great for emergent, struggling or reluctant readers and will also appeal to accomplished readers who are excited to follow along in the narration of their favorite books!

Audio Book Cloud is another collection of online streaming and downloadable audiobooks which may be downloaded for 90 days. You may download as many as you would like at one time

(Tumble Books, Tumble Book Cloud Junior, and Audio Book Cloud links courtesy of Glen Ellyn Public Library)

 Tumble Book Cloud link courtesy of Hazleton Area School District in Pennsylvania. If you need a username and password check Reading Resources Page on Website (courtesy of E.N. White Elementary School)


The Hour of Code is an hour-long introduction to computer programming that’s both fun and free. Hour of Code Hour of Drawing with Code: Learn to program using JavaScript, one of the world's most popular programming languages via two great options: Drag-and-drop: experimental block-based coding for those with less-developed typing skills and on tablet devices (ages 8+). Typing: keyboard-based coding (ages 10+). Hour of Webpages: Learn to make your own webpages using the basics of HTML and CSS (ages 10+). Hour of Databases: Learn the fundamentals of databases using SQL to create tables, insert data into them, and do basic querying (ages 12+). Simple tools that let you study anything, for free.

I added Great books for Kids Link from the Cuyahoga County Public Library on the Reading Resources Page!

On the left side panel of the website, I added WolframAlpha! Enter what you want to calculate or know about: New links added to the Gifted Education Portfolio.  This includes Summer Camps and Enrichment Opportunities in Greater Cleveland Ohio. Also, check out, for some really fun Science books etc.  I really admire the Periodic Table Flash Cards and the Rocks and Minerals Flash Cards!  I am amazed and these books seem to make Science really fun and enjoyable! Have fun playing the games

Microsoft Word 2013 Brochures, Flyers, Newsletters

Mega Update to the Website!  Sorry for the delay in updates!  On the left side panel, I added Microsoft Word 2013 pdf document, Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 pdf document, Microsoft Excel 2013 pdf document, PowerPoint (when you click on the button you can access PowerPoint 2013 pdf), I also updated the following pages with Microsoft Office 2013 Line Spacing, Fonts Clip Art Word Art Publisher You can click on these buttons on the left side of the website!

I updated the Online Tutorials and Technology 411 Page! I went through all the links etc.  New links that were added: Apple Mac Basics, Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts without using a mouse,FOR DUMMIES OPERATING SYSTEMS,, Feel free to check out all the Education Grants for 2014 -2015.

 I added the following documents to the Online Computer and Technology 411 Page  Microsoft Office 2013 (NEW) Microsoft PowerPoint tutorial by The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey  Microsoft Word tutorial by The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Microsoft Excel Guide by Logical Operations

I ADDED  a few children's book choices to the Reading Resources Page  for elementary students that  would be wonderful for parents and schools to purchase (Poison Apple Series from Scholastic (Rotten Apple Books from Scholastic) (I Survived Series from Scholastic) (The Chocolate Touch book)

I added Improving Writing with Google Docs by Eric Curts (Help Guide) and Improving Writing with Google Docs by Eric Curts (Slide Slow Presentation) to the Cyber Safety / Citation Page  You will also find links to Eric's google docs to these documents that are updated.

I added a pdf document How to create interactive Google Presentations by Eric Curts and the link to Jeopardy Game Templates for Google Slides to the Fun Projects Page. Also check out the You Tube video Kid President's 20 things We Should Say More Often I also added Culture Grams to the Reading Resources Page   Get a kid’s-eye view of the daily lives, cultures and histories of the world’s peoples. Includes maps, photos, recipes and more. Username: Garrison   Password: Forest

I added the document 20 Google Tools for Today's Classroom to a few pages on the website!

LearnEnglish Kids

I found a great new channel called Qubo this channel promotes literacy, reinforce timeless values etc. On the left of the homepage check to see if this is located in your area!  Check out the schedule, shows, games and activities, and videos! Download PBS KIDS Scratch Jr. for ages 5-8, Scratch JR for ages 5-7, Scratch Guides The Extensive List of Math Resources Search Apple Educational Game Apps or search Education Apple Apps Teaching Economics, Business, and Finance to Kids

Dare to Differentiate


Common Sense Media We rate, educate, and advocate for kids, families, and schools

Fire Safety for Kids (and Parents): Facts, Prevention, Preparedeness & Tips (Infographic)

10 Sites for Creating Graphic Organizers
  1. Exploratree - A great visual site for creating a mind map with lots of templates.
  2. Mind42 - Nice collaborative mind mapping site with lots of templates and easy to use.
  3. MindMeister - Beautiful looking mind mapping site with the ability to embed into a site or blog.
  4. MindMup - A easy to use site for creating brainstorms or mind maps.
  5. Mindomo - One of my favorite brainstorming apps that also lets a user flip their classroom, collaborate, comment, and much more.
  6. Popplet - A excellent app that allows students to think and learn visually by brainstorming and mind mapping.
  7. Storyboard That - A excellent site with educational portal that educators are using in a variety ways, such as creating timelines, storyboards, graphic organizers (t-charts, grids, etc.), and more.
  8. TotSplash - A fun site for creating and organizing ideas into a brainstorm or mind map.
  9. Webspiration Classroom - From the creators of Inspiration a very popular web-based program for creating visual brainstorms that can then be turned into an outline with a click of a button. 
  10. WiseMapping - A great site for creating visual mind maps and brainstorms.

Other Code Resources

How to use Excel The Top Formulas and Functions You Need to Know 'How to Learn and Study Effectively' 5 Note Taking and Learning Methods, Different Types of Note Taking Software, How to Improve Reading Comprehension, and 6 Memorization Techniques! Blogging in Classroom How to Get Started Learn at your pace cK-12

Hour of Code Resources (You have to pay for the app)  (google's made with code website) (buy and build a mini computer) Individual subscription for only 25.00, I highly recommend it! Room Recess Games by Grade K-1, 2-3, 4-5. Practice Math and Language Arts K-12 (your able to do some free math problems etc.)

A Math Mess is an everyday problem that requires an inquisitive mind, determination and a
little number sense to solve. Math Messes can pop up when you least expect them – and in
each short, animated Math Mess video, you’ll meet some mathematically-challenged characters
who are right smack in the middle of one.

Each video comes with a handy Teacher’s Guide to aid educators in the classroom – offering
suggested solutions and extension activities that align to the Common Core Mathematics
Standards. The Math Mess video series was designed specifically to promote inquiry and
problem-solving in elementary and middle school classrooms. Play and Learn the 50 States!

Tools for Teachers View Animals from various zoos and much more! Create free games, quizzes, activities and diagrams in seconds! Play Oregon Trail and many more classic MS-DOS Games for Free!

Get to know the code-savvy scientists, imaginative thinkers, and everyday people impacting the world through computer science. PBS EDUCATION!

The Art of Creative Coding
Grades 9-12 | Video | Technology + Art
Find out how artists are using the language of computer code to express themselves creatively.


FoldIt: A Protein Puzzle Game
Grades 6-12 | Video | Science + Gaming
See how ordinary people are advancing scientific research by playing a computer game about protein folding.


Programming a Robot
Grades 3-5 | Video | Problem Solving + Technology
See how the CyberSquad uses a series of simple steps to program a robot and save the day.

Looking for more computer science resources? Explore the library.


WolframAlpha Enter what you want to calculate or know about: NEA National Educational Association Publications Read All Archives Etc.

Brier Creek Elementary Student Links Pages also added to the Gifted Education Portfolio,,,! Channel 1 News Math Games Easily create fun learning games, quizzes and printables, for free

Oak Grove Elementary School Student Links Page

Oak Grove Elementary Teacher Links

Parkway Elementary School Student Links Page

Parkway Elementary School Teacher Links Page 10 Free Things Books and Activities, Posters and Printables, Lessons, Videos, and More by NEA Staff Browse All Lessons NEA

I added NEA BETTERLESSON for teachers.  You will find many common core lesson plans.  Click common core at the top of the page.

I added Disney Win Lose or Draw (yes this game show is back) and Disney Channel Games.  I also added Problem Based Learning "Weekly Warm Ups" Archives!  These are some great warm-up activities for the elementary classroom.

I added the following new links the the Pre K-8 Links page 2 (thank you Rebecca Hopkins): International Children's Digital Library Great Websites for Kids Chelmsford Library: Children's Page Educational Internet Resources for Kids Eso's Internet Resources for Kids Tech and Young Children Professor Layton and GoNoodle (a beginner's guide to the Internet)

I added these links to the Pre K-8 Links Page 2:  Cleveland Metroparks Zoo; Education Section; Resource Library, includes animals, photos, videos and more!

I added several Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st Grade Links to the  Scroll down the page to find the links (near the bottom of the page).  I also added the link to the Simpsons  In addition, on the Reading Resources Page, I added the link to Find a Book, you can insert your lexile measure and books can be searched!

*UNDER THE SECTION FREE CHILDREN'S BOOKS ONLINE, on the Pre K-8 Links Page 2, 24 new sites added, 3 dead links removed and all other links checked and working. There are now 235 sites listed. I also added 5 new sites under the section Children's Audio Books.  There are now 93 sites listed. Jumpstart - An adventure based learning game for kids. Kids can learn, play and socialize in this safe and secure environment filled with fun. Features free worksheets, online games and lesson plans categorized by grade and subject. Math Blaster - An online math virtual world filled with wacky aliens, cool gadgets, and fun math games for boys and girls. Knowledge Adventure - Free educational games for kids that are perfect combination of fun and learning! School of Dragons - Train your dragons and learn new science facts with this free dragon game for kids. Also features free worksheets on the scientific method. Featuring over 3,500 content pages, is one of the most popular destinations on the internet for parents, homeschoolers, teachers, and students Get your students ready for the Next Generation Assessments Common Core  Common Core  Setup classes in which you can have students read news articles by lexile reading levels!,

On the Gifted Education Portfolio , I added additional links to the Gifted Resources Page Resources

  Education Week Webinars

 Check out the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History Tour

NEW JUST ADDED: New projects (documents in MPA and APA and much more) have been added to the projects page: and I have added several documents (APA and MLA) on the Cyber Safety / Citation Page which I am updating! Excel #1 Excel Tutorial on the Net The best collection of FREE online educational videos, lessons, quizzes, games and puzzles. Create your own flashcards and find other flashcards from subjects, Educational digital clipboard, and Math Hunt Activites! Research Based Intervention Resources, Common Core Standards Linked with Research Based Interventions! Mrs. Lewis's Cyber Classroom, this site is AMAZING with many teacher resources!

Check out these two websites that I found that were created from the Hilliard City Schools (Hilliard, Ohio). I added these to the links pages. eSchool Links for Learning Elementary eSchool Links for Learning Secondary