A Student's Guide to Computer Science and IT


Whether you use a computer for personal or professional tasks, you will need to have some basic skills to use it successfully. However, some people go far beyond that level, developing an interest in computers that leads them to pursue careers in programming or software development. If you wish to enter one of these fields, you will need to study information technology or computer programming at the college level. With a certification or an advanced degree in hand, you will be well-positioned to begin work in these industries.

Computer Museums and Resources

Explore the variety of educational resources that you can visit in person or online to learn more about computers.

Software Development Links

Learn about electronics, software, and media technology by visiting links included in this resource list.

Computer and Programming Links

This resource list includes encyclopedias, museums, and historical websites with information about computers.

Apple II History

Dive into the extensive history of Apple computers by exploring links included in this list of resources.

Technology and Software Links

Maple Heights City Schools shares technology links for students and their families here.

Learning Links

Doxey Elementary School has compiled a list of learning links to help students studying a variety of subjects.

Seventh-Grade Computers and Software

Mobridge-Pollock High School and Middle School lists classes and lessons available for students wishing to learn more about computers.

Etiwanda School District References

Review educational resources offered on a variety of topics by the Etiwanda School District.

Internet and Programming Basics

An educator has created a list of websites here that can assist students learning about the basics of computers and the Internet.

Windfields Library Links

Windfields Library shares links about a variety of subjects on this page.

General Technology and Programming

Woodmeade Elementary School has compiled several Internet resources about technology to help students.

Practice Computer Skills

Learn important skills such as how to use a mouse and what computer words mean by visiting websites included on this link list.

Internet Safety

St. Mary's Catholic Primary School provides valuable information about how to stay safe when using computers and when navigating the Internet.

Interesting Technology Sites

Learn more about computer programming languages and other information technology topics with the resources provided here.

22 Do's and Don'ts When Fighting Cheating in Online Games

This high-level analysis for programmers looks at how they can use different technological tools and practices to keep cheaters from ruining their online games.

Common Programming Wisdoms

Anyone wishing to learn and use programming languages will need to learn common wisdoms involved.

Latency Numbers to Know for Programming

Know these latency numbers when you want to engage in computer programming.

Debugging State Machines With Scatter Plots

State machines can be challenging to debug, but scatter plots can help make it simpler.

What This Programming Team Thinks Is Worth Sharing

Peruse interesting picks shared by a knowledgeable group of programmers.

Computer Science Undergraduate Courses

Southern Connecticut State University shares a list of undergraduate courses available for students.

Software Engineering

Drexel University offers a software engineering program for its students.

Computer Science Courses

Faulkner University lists an extensive selection of computer science courses.

Computer Science

Explore computer science courses available at Saginaw Valley State University.

Developer Tools for Web Accessibility

Western Washington University looks at the importance of Web accessibility and helpful tools to improve the usability of a website.

CIS Certificates

Earn one of several different CIS certificates at Scottsdale Community College.

Connect to SQL Developer

Cornell University provides information about gaining access to a SQL database.

Selecting a Program

The University of Albany shares helpful tips for students as they choose a specific computer engineering area of study.

Web Developer

Earn a Web developer certificate at Chemeketa Community College.

Microsoft Certification FAQs

El Centro College shares information about Microsoft Certification training.

Network Administration: Sacramento City College

Sacramento City College shares information about its network administration program.

Collaboration in Scientific Digital Ecosystems: A Socio-Technical Network Analysis

Delve into the effects of scientific digital ecosystems by reading this student dissertation.

Upper-Division Track Options

The University of Minnesota shares information about the different subject tracks that computer science students can choose.

Computer Information Systems Courses

Bradley University lists courses available in computer information systems.

Systems Programming Languages

Explore courses in system programming languages available at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Programming in C++

Take a course in C++ at Palm Beach State College.

C++ Programming

Delta College offers a course in C++ programming.

Tools for C/C++ Programming

Students can take a variety of different programming courses at James Madison University.

CSC 263: C++ Programming

Onondaga Community College offers a course in C++ programming worth three credits.

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