Basic set of rules that are followed at all times!

I Promise:

To Go TO School.

To Do All of My Homework.

To Listen To My teachers

Because they will help me learn.

To Ask questions and find answers.

To Never GIve Up, No Matter What.

To Always Try My Best.

To Be Helpful and respectful to others.

To Live a Healthy Life By

eating right and being active.

To make good choices for myself.

To Have fun.

And above all else to finish School!



Golden Rules (Don't)





Chew Gum

Talk Back

Pick on other students



Other Basic Rules that are to be followed as well!

No talking unless I tell you to talk!

Keep hands, feet, objects and unkind words to yourself.

Raise your hand before speaking.

You are not to move around the class, or leave the class without permission.

Sit up straight in your seat and do your own work in a timely way as directed.


Voice Levels in the Classroom

Level 1: Silence

Level 2: Conversation

Level 3: Presentation


Group Work Expectations

1.  Get Along (We will not argue.)

2. Respect Others (We will listen to everyone's ideas.)

3.  On Task Behavior (Are you doing your job? On task talk only.)

4.  Use Quiet Voices (Only your group should hear you.)

5.  Participate (Do your part.  Don't let other people do all the work.)

6.  Stay in your group (Raise your hand and your teacher will come to you.)


Partner Rules

1.  Participate actively

2.  Ask questions

3.  Respect others' thoughts

4.  Take turns

5.  Never give up

6.  Explain your answer

7.  Respect others' answers

8.  Stay with your partner(s)


Reading Group Rules


Math Stations Rules


Ipad Rules


Chromebook Rules


Learning Center Rules

1.  I will stay in my seat and keep my hands and objects to myself.

2.  I will always use a whisper.

3.  I will always stay on task and work hard to learn.

4.  I will work with other students in my team.

5.  I will share supplies and treat them with respect.

6.  I will not interrupt the teacher.  I will ask others when I need help or have a question.


Management System (used with primary grade students)

A ladder system will be used to help students follow their progress throughout the day.  All students will begin the day on "green - Ready to Learn".  Students may move their clip up or down throughout the day based on their behavior and work habits.  Your child's color at the end of the day will be noted on their homework sheet along with any behavior(s) that caused him/her to move their clip down during the day.

Red - Outstanding!

Orange - Great Job!

Yellow - Good Day!

Green - Ready to Learn

Blue - Think About It

Violet - Teacher's Choice

Pink - Parent Contact

*Severe disruptions, which endanger self or others, or prevent other students from learning, will result in immediate office referral.

Consequences: Consequences will be at the teacher's discretion but may include:

1.  Loss of recess

2.  Loss of privileges

3.  Writing a note to the parent


1.  Praise

2.  Positive notes sent home

3.  Treats

4.  Free time / computer time

5.  "No Homework" pass



5 Whole Brain Rules




Listening Rules (Listening, Learning, Position, tell students LLP Position)




Hand Signals



Hallway Expectations


Playground Rules


Lunch Room Rules


General Classroom Rules for all Students (used for various grades)

1.  Follow directions the first time they are given.

2.  Return all materials to proper places.

3.  Do not interrupt while others are speaking.

4.  Come to class prepared with all materials.



1.  Warning

2.  Call to parents

3.  Detention / Writing Assignment


 Class Responsibilities

1.  Learn new material.

2.  Participate in all class activities.

3.  Complete all assignments by due dates.



1.  Conference with teacher.

2.  Call to parents.

3.  Class removal / Detention / Writing Assignment


Role Models Are:

1. Prompt

2.  Prepared

3.  Polite



Consequences when you have broken one or more rules:




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