1.  You will be assigned to a group of 3 people.

2.  Your group will find information on the Ohio and Erie canal by using the links page on your left, textbooks from the library, or using to search for additional information.

3.  The first requirement is to write a story for The Plain Dealer that relates to any of the following:

4.  In your story you may include information that relates to:

5.  Your story must be 3 pages in length (double spaced) and you will use Microsoft Word to type, and edit your story.  I will expect an introduction, main body, and conclusion.  Paragraphs must be 5-6 sentences in length and no more.  Please attach ALL references on a separate page.  I also want 3 pictures that relate to your topic that is added somewhere to the Microsoft Word document (I am not going to be extremely picky as to the exact place in the document).  These pictures may be either scanned from textbooks or found and downloaded from the Internet.  If you want to be creative, I would not mind if you want to create your own pictures to be added to the document, but this is not a requirement.

6.  The next requirement is to create a crossword puzzle using 25 terms that relate to your topic.  Please include the crossword puzzle at the end of your Microsoft Word document after the reference page. 

7.  Once this document is complete, group members will attach and email one document with all students names to

8.  The next requirement is for groups to create a small Wikispace using their story, three pictures and possibly the crossword puzzle (not required) using or will create one wiki space page for the entire group project.  Students can also use google docs for this assignment as well.

9.  Each group member must work together to complete the entire assignment.  Each group member will also write a log of detailed jobs that each performed.  I will also meet with each student to make sure that what they had told me was accurate in their log.  Some class time will be used to work on the assignment and I will closely observe that each student is taking a part.