Ohio and Erie Canal                                                                                                         

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Image Activity

Diagram 1

(Picture Courtesy of the Cuyahoga Valley Association)

This diagram shows the "required canal specifications for the depth of the river and the canal bed at both the river bottom and the surface."


Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3

(The three previous pictures are courtesy of Gieck, J. (1992). A Photo Album of Ohio’s Canal Era, 1825-1913. Ohio: Kent State University Press)


Questions on images

1.  Looking at Diagram 1, how much water was needed for the canal boat to float on?  Sketch a drawing of diagram 1 and label everything that you see listed in the diagram.  Use construction paper, color pencils and any other materials that you have.



2.  Describe what you see in Photo's 1 and 2.  I want one paragraph 4-5 sentences for each description.



3.  Explain in two paragraphs 4-5 sentences each why you think that Photo 3 is important in regards to the canals in Ohio.

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