Ohio and Erie Canal                                                                                                              

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*You will be assigned to a group name and color, and each group will have three students.

1.  In the first activity click on the "Readings" button. 

Reading 1 Ohio's Shot in the Arm is followed by five questions. 

Reading 2 Construction and Operation of the Ohio and Erie Canal is again followed by five questions. 

2.  In the second activity click on the "Map" button.  You will see a large map that shows various canals in Ohio from the years 1825 - 1913. 

3.  In the third activity click on the "Image" button.  You will see a diagram that shows the "required canal specifications for the depth of the river and the canal bed at both the river bottom and the surface." 

4.  In the fourth activity click on the "Online Discuss" button.  In this activity your group will research on a certain topic and create a Webpage or Blog. 

5.  In the fifth activity click on the "Links" button. 

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