Welcome to Page 5 of My Marbles!

  Many of the marbles I do not know!  Please help me out by emailing me at mikesmarbles@yahoo.com I don't know everything! Many of the marbles have question marks and some I have yet to find! Any ideas? I know some of the marbles are catseye marbles and should have been thrown into the cats gallery :>)  Yes I do know what they are :>)


1.  Akro Agate Indian Blanket


2.  Another side of the Akro Agate Indian Blanket


3.  Vitro Allred hybrids!


4.  Superman (blended) Alley Agate


5.  2 color flame CA possibly Alley Agate


6.  2 color flame another view!


7.  Swirl


8.  Transparent Flame


9.  Vitro Catseye Bag!


10.  Vitro Catseye Bag!


11.  Vitro Catseye bag!


12.  Vitro Catseye Bag!


13.  Transparent Flame


14.  Brown flame Christensen Agate


15.  Blue slag Christensen Agate


16.  Swirl marble


17.  Swirl


18.  Swirl


19.  Marble King catseye bag with one hybrid catseye that has watermelon colors!  Hard to see in picture.


20.  Pink Marble filled with lots of air!


21.  Vitro oxblood marble crudely made!


22.  Another view vitro oxblood marble!


23.  ?


24.  Peach Slag Alley Agate


25.  Peltier rainbows!


26.  Red flame Christensen Agate


27.  7 up marble any ideas


28.  Christensen Agate Swirl


29.  ?


30.  Turkey CA!


31.  Christensen Swirl


32.  Just a few Vitro hybrid cats!


33.  Vitro swirl.


34.  Champion