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Mexican Handmade Marbles Gallery!

Below you will find some of the BEST Mexican marbles that have ever been produced!  These are Atmosphere glass art collectible handmade marbles.  These marbles are 100% pure glass and were produced and sold I would say from the years 1994-1995.  I purchased my marbles September 22, 1996 from Toys R Us when they had the marbles placed in a shopping cart and were reduced to 90 cents a bag.  I never knew that Mexico had produced handmade marbles before I ran into them earlier that summer of 1996 at Toys R Us for $5.99 a bag.  I thought that was too expensive and I left without purchasing one bag.  Then a few months later I came back at the right time and found them in a shopping cart reduced. I purchased what they had and tried to find them at other stores but I did not find anymore.  Mega the company that distributed the marbles also offered a Free Handmade Marble Poster (24"x18"), that I also purchased and is in my personal collection.  The first three pictures in the gallery show what the packaging looked like, all of the rest of the marbles are from my personal collection and the pictures after the special Mexican handmade guinea are courtesy of Don and Nan. 


































Special Mexican Handmade Guinea









The following pictures below are from Kevin D. Wiersig kdwiersig@sbcglobal.net Please click on the picture to enlarge!









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