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"Jim Davis was born in West Virginia in 1930. In 1946 he started working in a glass plant making hand-crafted glassware. After learning all of the phases of making stemware, he began using lunch breaks to experiment making other glass objects such as paperweights, eggs, flowers, animals, and other figurines. In 1967, while still working at the plant, he opened his own hand-cut glassware shop in Pennsboro, working in the evenings to fill the orders. In 1990, he was encouraged by Louis Moore (a retired Vitro Agate marble maker) and Dennis Webb (co-author of Greenberg's Guide to Marbles) to make marbles. In 1991, he built his own furnace, made his own equipment, and started making marbles. In 1992, unable to work at the glass plant and keep up with his marble orders, he retired from the glass plant and started making marbles full time at his own glass studio in Pennsboro, West Virginia".

Below you will find a nice grouping of Jim Davis Sulphide Marbles.  These marbles are from my personal collection mikesmarbles@yahoo.com that I purchased from Jim Davis in 1997.  Feel free to check out the Davis Handmade Marbles Website or the Andy Davis Marbles website for further information about Davis Handmade Marbles.

Davis Handmade Marbles


This is the rarest of the Jim Davis Sulphide Marbles.  I purchased this marble in July of 2003 at a Flea Market from a gentleman that knows Jim Davis.  This is unique from all the other marbles that he has made during his life.  It is a mouse trying to get some cheese.  The marble as you will notice has colors in it and really unusual.   I emailed the Davis family and they let me know that this marble is rare indeed.  They said that Jim did not make many sulphide marbles in his life and this is the rarest.


I was researching Jim Davis sulphide marbles and found this picture was posted on a marble forum website back in 2008.  The author said that he had one of only two train sets that Jim Davis produced.  Well, I have the other one because I purchased this from him directly in 1997.

UPDATE: January 13, 2014! I received an email from a collector who contacted one of the Davis family members.  This train set is rare but by his indications there are a few more sets out there and he is not sure how many but not a lot and they also have a set on display in the Pennsboro store.


This Jim Davis Train Set and Pictures were courtesy of Ron Gerlach, January 2018!













A rare marble containing a cat with a mouse.