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Marble Newsletter

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I had the chance to visit the Buckeye Marble Collectors in room selling/trading (August 2016) in preparation for the actual show on Saturday.  It was nice meeting all the dealers/collectors and I saw some really nice marbles that I was tempted to purchase but decided only on a few.  Check out the nice picture of some really nice Christensen Agate glass that was dug.  Glass and picture courtesy of Carlin & Lucy Carpenter. It was a pleasure talking with Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter and the wealth of knowledge and expertise that I had gained from them and others when I was walking around.  Your inspiration and dedication to the hobby of marble collecting will allow myself and others to continue collecting and pass on the passion to others.  I heard one dealer telling me you look like your on a mission. :)  I am on a mission to find and collect marbles that will one day be donated to a museum for all to cherish! For more information about the Buckeye Marble Show visit!


Check out this nice 4 vane, 4 color St. Mary Marble King Catseye that I purchased!


Below you will find some pictures of the Buckeye Marble Collectors Club Show that was held on August 10th, 2013! Again, what a wonderful show that was put together and a big thank you to Steve Smith and Brian Estepp!




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Mike's Marbles and Family Newsletter April 2006

It was a strong marble show in February in New Philadelphia, Ohio!  I saw many collectors and dealers that were present.  I was able to purchase several marble king catseye marble bags from the 1960's at a very good price from one dealer.  The catseye marble bags did contain some hybrid cats and I was very pleased with my purchase.  I was completely satisfied and what a wonderful show!





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